Quality Parameters

Acceptable Proportion of Moisture / Defective / Admixture

Type of Defects Standard
Nut Count Less than 200 Nuts
Moisture Less than 8 %
Defective Less than 5 %
Admixture Less than 0.25 %
  • Moisture laden - Nuts which are not properly dried and do not rattle when shaken
  • Defective - Nuts which are immature and small in size
  • Admixture - Nuts with cashew apple parts attached to them

Storage of Cashew Nut

Good Storage Practices at Farmer Level

  • Dried nuts should be stored in jute/sisal bags.
  • The nuts should not be heaped and stored in the open without gunny bag. The nuts should not be stored in plastic or fertilizer bags made of synthetic fibre. This is important to prevent warm / humid conditions in the storage rooms.
  • The storage rooms should be well ventilated and properly insulated to prevent water seepage.
  • The room should be rodent-free.
  • Stack the nuts on wooden pallets not exceeding six layers.
  • Avoid cross infestation and keep the infested nuts away from the good quality nuts.

RCN Quality Testing

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