Since 2009 Oscar Cashew Tech has been specialized in the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of turnkey plants and machinery for the cashew nut processing industry. Today Oscar Cashew Tech has brought the cashew processing into the next generation of solutions that, through a 360° integrated approach, allows to combine previously separated processing operations, further increasing efficiency, productivity of labour and finished product sanitation levels, reducing space requirement, power consumption and environmental impact. Such an approach includes the value addition for all the by-products of the RCN such as the CNSL up to Cardanol and its derivatives, and the shells' cake up to the production of electric andthermal power.

Recent need of the cashew and the nut industry in general is the implementation of the food safety conceptso to guarantee a finished product free of foreign matters, insects and micro biologically compatible withthe even more stringent international rules on the matters.

Oscar Cashew Tech offers, again, an integrated approach with an automatic cleaning, x-ray sorting, fillingand packing line that will guarantee a product fully compatible with the most stringent internationalstandards on quality and food safety.

We Offer

We Offer Customized Turnkey Projects For Cashew Nut Process Plants of Any Capacity In Fully Automatic Et Automatic.

The Main Operations In The Cashew Nut Processing Are

  • Shell Cooking
  • Shell Cutting
  • Cashew Kernel Drying
  • Cashew Kernel Peeling
  • Grading and Packing

Our Standard Cashew Nut Process Plant Capacities: 500 Kg, 1 MT TO 50 MT.

Note : We Can Supply Ultra Modern Fully Automatic Cashew Nut Processing Plants of Higher Capacities Also.

Sanjay Patel
M.B.A. (Marketing)

Mayur Malaviya
B.E. (Mechanical)


Our Experience

We have vast Experience in the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of turnkey plants and machinery for the cashew nut processing industry and we have also experience in direct import of Raw Cashew Nuts from countries like Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Guinea-Bissau, Tanzania and Indonesia. Taking advantage of our unrivaled and high quality cashew nut processing expertise with over 7 years of rich experience; we leverage and manage all aspects involved in imports of Raw Cashew Nuts from Farm to Factory. Our experienced Team present in all cashew exporting African countries is capable of handling all activities viz. ethical procurement from African farmers, Quality Inspection cashew drying, stuffing, clearing agency, shipping line and export documentation in timely manner. We pride ourselves of fulfilling supply needs of our loyal clientele spread across all cashew processing states in India

Our Brand

Oscar Cashew Tech has premium product line registered under the trademark name of “Oscar Cashew Tech".Manufacturing of Ultra Mordern Fully Automatic Cashew Nut Processing Machineries involves unique combination of traditional and state-of-the-art technology to get maximum output with best Quality Standard. Various capacities of small, big, and value added cashews processing plants are sold under our umbrella brand “Oscar Cashew Tech". True to our philosophy our Brand is committed in maintaining simplicity and purity of richly manufacturing to after sales services.

Our Value System

Oscar Cashew Tech is a company with a clear set of values. These include it's focus on high quality, wellmaintained taste, a hard-won reputation in the industry, and a loyal and family-orientated workforce.

At Oscar Cashew Tech’s our Vision, Mission, Goals and our Philosophy is simply guided by our Value System.

Indeed our guiding philosophy proudly makes us say that our "Cashew Processing Machineries are Quoted with Values”

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