Cashew is adapted to warm humid tropical conditions. It can be grown in almost all types of soils from sandy to laterite and up to an elevation of 600-700m including wastelands of low fertility. Oscar Cashew Tech is one of the reputed brands which are well-known exporter across the globe for offering wide range of Cashew Nut Processing Machine, Cashew Processing Plant, Automatic Cashew Project, Cashew Processing Unit, Kaju Processing Machine, and Cashew Processing Machinery. As you all known that Indian Crop Processed kernels are having a great demand in the world market due to its colour and taste the same way there is huge demand of our cashew processing machines across the globe. India is considered to be world’s largest exporter of Raw Cashew Nuts to meet its processing needs.

Our customers flourished in the countries like Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, UAE, Ghana, Kuwait, Morocco, Benin are happy and satisfied with our machines and services. We are not only recognized brand in Cashew Processing Machine, Plant, or Unit but it’s our pleasure to say that we are developed hugely across the globe and looking forward for more customers. Being an esteem customers you can avail our diverse range of products such as Cashew Nut Processing Machine, Fully Automatic Cashew Nut Processing Machine, Cashew Processing Plant, Cashew Processing Unit, Kaju Processing Machine, Automatic Cashew Project, Kaju Processing Machinery, Ultra Modern Cashew Nut Processing Plant on Turnkey Basis, Cashew Nut Cooker Boiler Machine, Kaju Making Machine, Automatic Cashew Scooping Machine, Automatic Cashew Dryer Machine, Cashew Tin Filling Machine, Cashew Vita Packing Machine across different countries developed across the globe.

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