Cashew husk cleaning machine is suitable for removing Cashew BB Grade and Very Small Size Cashew Pieces from Red Husk of Cashew. The Cashew Pieces are separated based on their weight. This machine can be used for Cashew Pieces by adjusting the airflow. The separator is also used for grading the Cashew Pieces based on their sizes. There are two removable sieves attached to the grader. The sizes of the sieves are finalized based on the Cashew Pieces size and profile. An aspirator is attached to this machine which is used for removing lightweight impurities like a husk. The airflow rate of the aspirator can be varied by adjusting the air inlet gate.


  • Capacity: 150Kg - 200 kg/hour
  • MOC – MS
  • Metal Brand: Tata Steel Or Essar Steel
  • Power Required: 2 HP Three Phase
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