Cashew Nut Cooker Boiler Machine is an essential machinery used in cashew nut processing units for boiling raw cashews. The machine is designed to boil the raw cashews under steam pressure in a container that is heated with the help of an external source. The machine is manufactured with precision and accuracy to ensure the best possible results.

Cashew Nut Cooker Boiler Machine

The Cashew Nut Cooker Boiler Machine is available at Oscar Cashew Tech in different capacities ranging from 80 kg/batch to 640 kg/batch. The machine is made up of high-grade stainless steel that ensures durability and longevity. We have designed in such a way that it can be easily operated by a single person, which reduces the labour costs.

The machine is also equipped with safety features such as automatic pressure release valve, safety valve, and pressure gauge to ensure the safety of the operator. The steam generated in the cooker is used to soften the outer shell of the cashew nuts, which makes it easy to remove the shells using a cutter.

Cashew Nut Cooker Boiler Machine

Cashew Nut Processing Plant

It is even highly efficient and ensures maximum output with minimal input. The machine is easy to maintain and requires minimum maintenance. The machine is highly durable and requires minimum wear and tear.

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